The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 25, 2012

Your View: Romney has the backbone and the management skill

By Edwin Gunnick, Mankato

— Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is an ardent supporter of our free enterprise economic system adopted when our country was formed. Romney knows that it promotes the growth of commerce and industry while providing the American consumer with a variety of goods and services at competitive prices.

To promote growth in the private section Romney is committed to the elimination of unneeded government regulations. In the process if more jobs are created fewer people will be on the government welfare rolls.

The most daunting task facing our next president will be the federal budget crisis. Many government programs will have to be downsized and some may have to be eliminated altogether to solve the problem.

Obama, who is a socialist, is not the man for the job because his solution will be to raise taxes.

Romney has the business background and managerial skills to work with Congress to find a workable solution to our debt crisis.

Finally, consider this. Obama has had four years to curb the illegal immigration, but has done absolutely nothing to prevent illegal aliens from entering our country. Then he has the effrontery to bring suit against the state of Arizona and county sheriffs who are attempting to control illegal aliens.