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October 25, 2012

Your View: Romney will be a slave to the far right

— If you think that Mitt Romney can move to the center, please think again. He needs the support of the far right to get elected, and if he is elected he will need their support to get re-elected and in the intervening four years he will need to sign all the extreme legislation that they send to his desk to retain that support.

Romney may say that he can work with both sides of Congress as he did in Massachusetts, but I don't think he has the backbone to say no to the far right elements of his own party.

The 2010 election was supposed to be about jobs, but once the tea party/far right took control of the House of Representatives, 90 percent of their legislation was about the very conservative social issues and Paul Ryan's extreme budget and Medicare proposals.

Even Newt Gingrich didn't like them. Remember his comment about right wing social engineering?

Romney will not change that effort or those goals.

Democrats, you need to get out and vote or this country will really go in a seriously wrong direction.


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