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May 9, 2013

Political correctness caused Boston bombing

Authorities have discovered who the Boston Marathon bombers were.Rest easy people, it wasn’t Christians, militiamen or white people. GASP, it was Chechen Muslims who were responsible for this atrocity upon all of America. Color me surprised, a Muslim who would blow up innocent people. Who would have guessed?Prior to the discovery of the two brothers, all I heard from the mainstream media were the leftist wet dreams that it was right-wing extremists, militias and hoping that it were white people who committed this cowardly act.Here we are today, and more people are dead and suffering because of the PC nonsense that pervades this country.Remember the Beltway snipers? Want to guess their religious affiliations? Oh, remember that the FBI profiled that the shooter(s) were, guess what, white guysAnd, again, because of political correctness, more people died.And I would strongly suggest that people be less inclined to shred the Constitution and more concerned with providing for their own personal protection.That includes limiting who is allowed into our country. If that sounds a bit harsh, then you explain it to the families of the dead Americans that their deaths were because we must allow everyone in, even if it means people are going to die as a result.But I doubt that will happen. We wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings now, would we?As I said, political correctness caused the bombings.Don DavisMelrose

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