The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 15, 2013

Your View: Liberals trying to strip rights of the people

By Kermit Swanson, St. Peter

— It would seem that Marcia Robertson's letter to the editor published Saturday, "Government should get more respect," fails to understand who the government is.

It is we, the people, but I think she is saying that government is something else, some sort of mysterious power that rules over us.

She is right. Our forefathers did come here to escape the oppressive government that had developed in Europe, to share in the freedoms that our founding fathers had established in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The reason our government is being demonized is because it is being allowed to stray away from those protections by people like President Obama, who attempt to make government larger and more oppressive by taking control away from we, the people.

Initially and ideally our school districts, cities, townships, counties, states and country were established to be governed by local representative control, which have proven to be the most efficient and effective way of governing. Robertson says, "I support a government that by the laws it has written and the institutions it has created ensures our rights and liberties" and asks, "Who do you want to trust with your rights and liberties?"

If you substitute us, we, the people, where she uses the word government, I absolutely agree. But Obama and the rest of the liberal faction are trying to strip us of those rights, those powers, and we, the people must stand our ground to regain control of our own destiny.

Government as Robertson and Obama see it, is not the answer. We, the people, is the solution I can respect.