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September 1, 2013

Separate Obamacare funding from main budget

Defunding can happen without government shutdown


But that 28-day shutdown did set the stage for welfare reform. It also produced the 1997 balanced budget deal, the first of four consecutive balanced budgets last achieved in the 1920’s. And oh, Republicans gained two seats in the Senate and retained a 228-207 seat majority in the House.

Even if the government were temporarily shut down the only services shut-down would be non-essential services. Continuous pay for those serving in the military, their families and veterans benefits must be exempted from any possible government shutdown. They were exempted from the 10 shutdowns between 1980 and 1996, and must be exempted again. In my opinion, if they are not it would be an undeniable circuitous effort to save Obamacare (at least temporarily) on the backs of military people.

So to those tepid Republicans fearful they would be blamed for a government shutdown regardless of where the responsibility actually lies, I say no risk, no reward so do what’s right and risk the consequences.

Bob Jentges is a former teacher, coach and insurance claims superintendent and lives in North Mankato.

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