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September 7, 2013

'ObamaCare' will keep some of us living

Bob Jentges’ letter in the Sept. 1 Free Press shows yet again how the Republicans are clueless when it comes to the real world (those who don’t get gazillion-dollar bonuses every year for failure).

What the Republicans can’t seem to get straight is that people who don’t make a ton of money outnumber whiny, rich people.

“ObamaCare” is keeping me alive. I’m getting insurance now for my heart problems (I’m completely disabled).

If that didn’t happen, how would I live?

It used to be that you could get canceled for being sick, now, I can get the medical help I need. Isn’t that terrible? Poor and disabled people getting help?

This constant whining by Republicans is making me sick. It must be so with other people, too. I noticed the last election, the Republicans lost control in Minnesota and lost seats nationally.

It’s beyond time that the Republican Party gets back to what it was before: The party of personal responsibility, instead of the party of the filthy rich, which is precisely why nothing gets done.

Jentges was in the insurance business — why does he hate people having insurance so much?

Dan Bubolz

New Ulm

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