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September 12, 2013

Front Street a dumping ground

The City of Mankato is going to spend big bucks to redo the 500 block of South Front Street. But will that put the city on the hook for cleaning up after the pigs that patronize certain businesses in that block? Walking that block this morning, like most days, it was littered with cigarette butts, beer bottles, broken glass and other refuse. It is a blight on the image of our city.

The mall is kept clean daily, by crews I assume are city workers. Is that to be the taxpayers' fate after we spend money to fix up those next two blocks? Or will those establishments whose patrons are responsible for that mess step up and take responsibility? By 8 a.m. each morning it should be clean for the new day's business. A clean street will stay cleaner than the perceived dump we now call Front Street.

Rob Swart


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