The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 3, 2012

Your View: Vote 'yes' on the marriage amendment

Adrian Goettl, Mankato

— Marriage: The label placed on the civil union of one male and one female. Placing the same label on all adult civil unions changes the existing civil union description.

A civil union of two females or two males or one male and one female are not the same. They are three separate, distinct civil unions.

Government regulations and business policy, not religion, are preventing same sex civil unions. No one needs to prevent same sex civil unions or change the existing civil union label description.

Attempts to change the description of marriage label placed on one male and one female civil union is the cause for the constitution amendment issue.

Changing the description of marriage is degrading to us who believe in marriage as one man and one woman. Those who place “vote yes” signs are showing their support for one man and one woman civil unions and support of others who believe the same.

Love, hate and religion have nothing to do with the constitution amendment. Government regulations do.

If one civil union label is supposed to fit all, why are there specific labels given to those who know medicine, electricity, water flow, plants, animals etc.?

Same sex unions need their own label for rights and responsibilities and leave the marriage label as one man and one woman. I know a non-vote is the same as a “no” vote, so I will vote “yes.” This will give same sex couples the opportunity to change government regulations to recognize same sex civil unions.