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October 25, 2013

Your View: Area could reap benefits from Obamacare

It has amazed me to watch those on the fringe of America’s society to think that denying health care to many Americans would be good for our economy. Disease, illness, disability and death do not contribute positively to America’s economic health. Now that the issue seems settled we need to move forward to reap the financial benefits Obamacare will bring.

Our health care system is not equipped to handle those additional patients in the most efficient economic model. We are woefully short on primary care doctors. We need to start to train far more than our current educational system can produce. This could be a positive position for Mankato.

Mankato has a fine university that already trains health care professionals. We have a very good medical delivery system in place, some of which is connected to the finest in the world. Minnesota State University would be a good place to expand to train those new needed doctors. It would also be good for our region and state. Mankato would become a new mini Rochester.

The medical school would be our next sustainable economic engine. It would spur quality growth and enrich our community. Healthy citizens add to our economic viability not drain tax dollars. Training doctors and other health care professionals would mean better care for our region and add a hedge for economic downturns.

I hope our area leaders would see and understand this possibility. Their hard work and effort will be needed if Mankato will reap the benefits from the growth Obamacare will bring and not let some other community beat us there.

Rob Swart


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