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November 1, 2013

Everyone should check policies for essential health benefits

For all you people that think that Obamacare is wonderful, I want to share with you the letter I got from my insurance company — Blue Cross.

“Blue Cross put federal health care reform requirements in place, so your 2014 health plan was updated to include coverage for essential health benefits. As a non-profit health company we do everything we can to keep your health plan affordable while meeting new requirements and the challenge of rising health care costs.”

My affordable premium will go from $360.50 per month to $416.83. Some of these key benefits include care for mental health and substance abuse, prenatal and well-child care, maternity (never mind that I am 63), eyewear for children and dental for children (I no longer have children at home).

Here is the real kicker. Blue Cross can no longer base my monthly rate on my medical history so costs for higher-risk people enrolling will be shared by everyone that is covered.

They saved the best for last. “There will be new taxes and fees on coverage for you and your family. These taxes are fees will increase the cost of your coverage.”

I will be penalized for being healthy and, as if I don’t pay enough taxes already, I will get taxed for carrying insurance.

Hopefully, my insurance agent and I will be able to find an affordable plan for me.

As far as people getting subsidies to help pay for their insurance — well, someone has to pay and guess who that someone is.

Everyone should check their insurance policy very carefully to see all the essential health benefits they will be forced to pay for.

LeAnna Fluegge

New Ulm

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