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November 14, 2013

GOP and DFL do not own your vote

The party in power of the U.S House sets the working schedule for the coming year. For 2014, the GOP scheduled 113 in-session days. This is half the days they could be working.

For November and December of this year, they will only work 16 days. Remember, a U.S. House member gets paid a minimum of $174,000 a year, which most think is not enough money. It also costs us taxpayers $23 million a week to operate the U.S. House, if they are working or not.

With only 113 days of in session work, you will not see votes on a budget, an immigration reform bill, a transportation bill, a farm bill, any tax reform bills, a bill to properly fund the Veterans Administration, or a bill on your voting rights. What you will see is another 46 votes to de-fund Obamacare.

If the GOP does not take care of the business of all our citizens, then it’s time to elect people from another party who will. The Modern Whig Party is growing daily and will take care of all the people’s business.

Since most congressmen are millionaires, maybe it’s time to cut their pay in half to reflect how much of the people’s work they don’t do.

The Modern Whig Party is the center for the American voters of the center. Sixty percent of voters in America are in the center.

Remember, the GOP and the DFL do not own your vote. You have the right to vote for whomever you choose — even a Whig.

Michael Burger




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