The Free Press, Mankato, MN

December 11, 2012

Your View: North Mankato should save bookmobile

By Jo Robbins, North Mankato

— I was disappointed to read in The Free Press that the North Mankato City Council has put the existence of the bookmobile in jeopardy. To talk about eliminating one of the more popular programs of the library without any input from the library board or the library director makes me wonder who is serving whom.

With a total circulation of 28,000 items from the bookmobile alone, I question whether the council did their homework on exactly how many residents of North Mankato and Nicollet County depend on its services; these being senior citizens, day cares and schools who are unable to get to the library.

Crates of books do not compare to the collection of audio books, DVDs, CDs and a computer station, not to mention large and regular print books.

Have those council members ever been on the bookmobile?  Do they realize how popular our library is?

The North Mankato Taylor Library has weathered a number of storms in the last few years, and I would sincerely hope that the council would consider letting the library board and the library director help in finding a solution to this latest crisis.