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December 13, 2012

Your View: Hoffner should be allowed to return soon

— As an MSU alum, I am disappointed and angry at the university's top brass for not reinstating head coach Todd Hoffner the moment he was cleared of any criminal behavior. With charges dropped -- what more could they possibly want?

Minnesota State University leaders Ñ presumably -- knew a decision by a judge was near and should have been prepared with a response once the ruling was issued. Now they appear to be on their heels.

    Perhaps even more frustrating has been the pace of this investigation. I am certain any freshman on campus with two brain cells could have looked at the videos in 10 seconds and determined what has taken professionals more than three months to conclude.

I have never met coach Hoffner but from his team's record and success, I can tell he has built something special. I attended MSU from 2001-05 and was there when the football team had many dismal seasons (I was on campus during the riots) so the success of this season's team means a lot.

I understand common sense isn't always common practice, but I urge the university leadership to let coach Hoffner back on the field as soon as possible so the football program and community can move forward and put this ugly situation in the past. The longer they delay in making a decision, the worse it makes the college look.

Please MSU, do the right thing.


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