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January 11, 2013

Your View: Arming teachers with handguns is absurd

— In 1966, I went to work as a teacher for the Mankato Public Schools, teaching English at Lincoln Junior High. My classroom came equipped with a wooden paddle, designed to execute corporal punishment.

Now legislators are suggesting the solution to the Connecticut school shooting is to arm teachers with loaded handguns. Have we learned nothing in the past 46 years? Maybe we adults have a few things to learn:

To address mental health care with the same fervor as we did cancer and tobacco;

to parent our children and teach them respect;

to recognize anger as often the result of unresolved grief;

to find solutions that put out fires, not blow away smoke.

I recently read an editorial that stated: “The United States spent some $3 trillion combating terror since 9/11 and guns at home have killed twice as many Americans as terrorists have killed people worldwide since then.”

Does Congress need a special education class?

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