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January 20, 2013

Your View: Gun owners, Congress face tough questions

Gun owners face tough questions: Why do you need more than a 10 round magazine? What will you use an assault rifle for? Does the 2nd Amendment include arms that are exponentially more powerful than those that the founders used?

Our representatives have placed the burden on citizens to answer these questions in addition to passing a background check before they will trust us with the power of firearms.

Meanwhile, Rep. Tim Walz and the rest of Congress are about to vote themselves the power to put us further into debt, by raising the national debt limit above its current limit of $16.4 trillion.

Before they do, it’s only fair that they answer some similar questions: Why isn’t $16.4 trillion enough? How much will be enough? When the $16.4 trillion limit was enacted, did you consider it an actual limit? Why did you spend as if there was no limit? Will you treat the next limit as an actual limit? What will you do with the additional money you seek to borrow in our names? (This would typically be answered by your annual budget; but Congress hasn’t passed one since 2009.)

Finally, can you point to specific facts in your background which suggest that you are responsible enough to manage a credit line in excess of $16.4 trillion?

Most of us don’t mind answering a few questions before exercising the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Walz should answer these questions before he writes more checks guaranteed by us.


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