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February 8, 2013

Your View: This Republican will vote for Clark Johnson

Aren’t we all tired of government gridlock, with Democrats and Republicans voting only party lines, without compromising?

We need a candidate who is willing to listen to all ideas and has the ability to be trusted by all representatives, regardless of their party affiliation. Clark Johnson not only is that person, but he also has the Democratic party endorsement, without being so liberal that he is not trusted by the non-Democrats.

I served with Clark Johnson on the Government Relations Committee representing Minnesota State University for more than 10 years. Clark Johnson represented Democrats and I was the Republican representation. As advocates for education, we worked closely with the Minnesota House and Senate, particularly with committee heads, on critical issues.

I have always been impressed how Clark Johnson has been able to discuss, and gain the respect of members of all sides of an issue. He earned the respect and became familiar with many of the current representatives and senators. Legislators would take the time to discuss issues on an individual basis with Clark Johnson, knowing that he is a voice of reason, will listen to members of all parties, and be a leader of compromise.

As an accounting professor, I was particularly impressed with Clark Johnson’s knowledge of the budgeting process, his sense of fairness and determination to solve the state’s fiscal problems, first and foremost.

I am crossing party lines to support the candidate I believe is in the best position to break the gridlock and get discussions moving toward solutions.

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