The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 20, 2012

Your View: Marines came through for a brother

Melinda Busse, Mankato

— Marines are taught so many things — dependability, endurance, enthusiasm, integrity, loyalty. These are just a few of the outstanding and unmeasured traits that make up a U.S. Marine.

I was recently privileged to witness all of the above first-hand. My Marine husband injured his back about halfway through the slow process re-roofing our house. He was under strict doctor’s orders to stay off the roof. This obviously posed a problem for us. Friends and neighbors volunteered to help our teenage son and I finish the garage roof.

All that was left was the north side of the house. But this would be the most difficult part of the project. With winter weather looming, my husband worried constantly about running out of time. Though it was not easy for him to do, “my” Marine called one of his “brothers” and told him of his injury and our unfinished project.

Before my husband could even ask, the Marine wanted to know when he should be there; he would put the word out to their brothers. This particular Marine just happens to be the commandant of our local Marine Corps League chapter and the annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball was less than a week away. He and others still found time to come out and “take care of one of their own.”

In two days, four Marines removed the old shingles and about a million nails, repaired the roof, laid tar paper and installed new metal sheets.

These Marines saved us. To them it was no big thing — it is just who they are — just what they do.

But to us it means the world.