The Free Press, Mankato, MN

December 16, 2012

Your View: Columnist Pitts misrepresents the facts

Robert Perry, Waseca

— If the most recent column by Leonard Pitts “Maybe the kids do understand” is representative of his ability to handle evidence, I’d suggest that The Free Press would do well to make him a “former Free Press columnist.” The misrepresentations in his latest column are simply appalling.

The simple fact of the matter is that there is a simple reason that a “carry permit holders” dorm did not take off at CU: Upperclassmen eligible for a carry permit tend to live off campus there (I am a CU alumnus), those few upperclassmen who do live on campus are often avoiding Boulder’s sky-high rental rates and thus cannot afford to get a carry permit, and finally, carry permit holders are taught that a crucial element of successful concealed carry is that criminals do not know who is armed.

Obviously, living in a permit holders’ dorm violates this principle, and would also tell Boulder’s large transient population that a few hundred dollars in drug money are there for the taking whenever a resident leaves his room to go to a sporting event or bar.

In short, the failure of the “permit holders’ dorm” isn’t any evidence of any anti-gun attitudes among students, but rather that any permit holders among the “Buffs” have learned their lessons well.

If only Mr. Pitts would join a million other Floridians and take a carry permit class, he could comment more intelligently in this regard.