The Free Press, Mankato, MN

June 30, 2013

Radio controlled aircraft take to the sky during a RC fly-in

North Mankato Electric Flyers battle windy conditions to host fly-in

By Pat Christman
The Mankato Free Press

---- — Alex Schauer didn’t have the best day of flying his radio-controlled airplane.

Windy conditions not withstanding, something bad happened as he made his approach to land at Forsberg Field, the North Mankato Electric Flyers’ airport, and he lost control of his plane and crashed.

He took the accident in stride, knowing what all RC aircraft pilots know: If you fly them, you will crash them at some point.

Saturday’s fly-in opened the airport for RC aircraft enthusiasts from around the area to take a spin around the North Mankato skies. Unfortunately, the windy conditions kept many aircraft grounded.

But not Carl Larson. His aircraft are made largely of insulating foam, with some carbon fiber pieces for reinforcement. A hard landing after a few minutes of flying had Larson unfazed.

“It will take longer to warm up the hot glue gun than it will take to fix this,” he said as he carried his broken plane back to the “hangar” (the back of his pickup).