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October 26, 2012

Quist striving for biggest upset of his political career



His campaigns for governor leaned heavily on education policy, his strong opposition to abortion, and a pledge to eliminate tax provisions that disproportionately hit married couples.

In 2010 he warned during his congressional campaign of the dangers to America caused by the presidency of Barack Obama and the Democratic control of Congress. Unless the Democrats were stopped, United States sovereignty could be sacrificed to a “world government” and America’s status as a capitalist nation was in question.

“... I believe this is the biggest battle America has faced since America began in 1776,” he told Republican activists. “This is No. 1.”

In the 2012 race Quist also has emphasized a marriage penalty he identified in the health care reform commonly called Obamacare. Unmarried individuals making $30,000 each would, if their incomes were combined through marriage, lose thousands of dollars in federal subsidies for medical insurance, he said.

Supporters of the bill said the numbers are typical for income-based government subsidies, but Quist contends the provision is an intentional attempt by liberals to undermine the institution of marriage.

He called it a “hidden agenda” of Obamacare in speaking to a North Mankato audience in August: “And let me be very explicit, this is designed to destroy marriage for the middle class.”

In a recent interview, Quist was asked why Democrats would be motivated to destroy marriage. He said he wouldn’t speculate about their motives but remains convinced they are seeking to sabotage marriage.

 “It was deliberate, and they had to know this would damage the family,” he said. “... The people that put the bill together knew you would get substantially fewer married people because you are penalizing marriage, and I find that to be horrific.”

The bottom line

With polls showing many Americans are upset about partisan gridlock, Quist goes beyond standard Republican portrayals of Democrats as wrong-headed, inept or fiscally incompetent. Democrats, at times, are intentionally undermining America and its institutions, Quist said.

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