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December 29, 2013

Top 10 story: No. 4: Armed stand-off leaves North Mankato man dead

Lloyd Tschohl, 83, shot as he emerges from house with guns


It was later revealed the tactical police team that surrounded Tschohl's home had considered using a nonlethal chemical device before the situation escalated.

One officer on the scene said in a report that authorities discussed “chemical options."

“The decision was made to turn off the gas then breach the living room window and the primary entry door simultaneously to help ensure that Lloyd Tschohl could hear efforts to communicate with him. Breaching the window would also introduce cold air into the structure, allow visibility to monitor movement, and provide access to deploy handheld chemicals inside if necessary,” Blue Earth County Sheriff’s detective Paul Barta wrote in his report. “The Nicollet County Attorney was consulted to ensure there was legal oversight of the situation.”

The reports say that when the team members approached the house, turned off the gas then breached the window and door, Tschohl shot at them from inside the house. They retreated to cover and a short time later Tschohl came out a door with two handguns, firing several shots at officers. The shootout occurred just after 2 p.m.

The incident was investigated by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. After reviewing the BCA's investigative report, the Nicollet County Attorney's Office decided to take no action in the case.

The BCA report contains 350 pages of documents, interview transcripts and reports. The report also has numerous photographs from the scene, including multiple bullet holes in the home and outside buildings. There were also photos of several rifles inside the home, numerous boxes of ammunition and photos of the handguns Tschohl used outside the house.



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