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January 30, 2014

County attorneys oppose board's salary offer


Following Walker's September ruling, the board appealed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals and still hopes the appellate court will order Walker to back off until it makes a decision on the appeal later this year. Until that happens, the board is dealing with Walker's contempt ruling and it's offer last week aimed at meeting the Martin County judge's edict that commissioners submit a salary proposal.

White on Thursday suggested that Walker order the board to try again.

"Given the manifest insufficiency of this proposal, the Blue Earth County Attorney would ask this Court to reject the proposal and give the County Board a short period, no more than 15 days, to provide a compliant salary adjustment," White wrote.

The board suggested that its salary plan would provide above average pay, in comparison to similar-sized outstate counties, for the assistant county attorneys both as newcomers and after a decade of service. White's analysis shows that the six attorneys, currently earning between $33 and $40 per hour, would see little or no immediate pay increases under the plan.

The letter did suggest the matter could be resolved outside of the legal system.

"Finally," White wrote to Walker, "my client has requested that I indicate to the Court a continued willingness to negotiate a resolution of these disputes, whether under the guidance of the Court or otherwise."


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