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June 12, 2013

Poll: Murders make community feel unsafe

It was a close vote, but a plurality of respondents to our latest online poll said the most recent murder in Mankato has had an impact on their sense of safety.

Our question was: A woman was murdered in her home Thursday in Mankato. When violent crime occurs, what impact does it have on your sense of safety in our community?

The biggest response — 38 percent, 60 votes — came from our first option: “A lot. Crimes such as this make me wonder what happened to what I thought was safe community.”

Close behind with 34 percent (54 votes) was this answer: “Not much, but it still saddens me to hear about such heinous crimes in our own backyard.”

And with 20 percent (43 votes) there was this answer: “Little to none. Only a fool would think being from a smaller community insulates them from the evil in the world.”

Comments at our Facebook page included:

• Keith Michels: “Not just the one it’s the many that have occur. Don’t forget the assaults and the deaths justified or not Mankato has started to shed alot of blood.”

• Dar Kietzer: “Yes, but the murders that have been occurring are part of domestic disputes. Not saying we couldn’t have random murders as well, but most in the surrounding towns as well are domestic. I guess I’d feel less safe if we were having random murders or more drive by shootings. Domestic violence is unfortunately present everywhere.”

• Angi Drynock Proehl: “Obviously, it makes us feel unsafe.”

The Free Press online poll is not scientific. Visit to weigh in on our latest question: There have been new revelations about government surveillance. How far do you think the government should go with surveillance of law-abiding citizens?

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