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January 10, 2013

DHS: Security Hospital did not mishandle stabbing incident



Ewing testified in court that he regretted killing his sister but did not want to dwell on it. He wanted to be happy.

Court records indicate clinicians were skeptical of Ewing's efforts to show remorse. One evaluator noted that Ewing "is capable of editing his response and tailoring his comments in order to put himself in the most favorable light."

An early evaluation found that Ewing was "extremely self-centered, manipulative, exploitative, reacts strongly to criticism, harbors grudges, resentful, demanding of special attention and (having) an exquisite sensitivity to his own needs or wants," according to court records.

Ewing was found not guilty by reason of mental illness and was sent to the Minnesota Security Hospital, where initially he was not allowed to contact any family members. Clinicians diagnosed him with schizoaffective disorder, a diagnosis used for people with mood problems and delusional or psychotic thinking. He was also diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder.

Ewing was discharged with strict conditions from the Minnesota Security Hospital in December 2010, over the objections of his father, according to court records. There is no record of whether Ewing's mother also opposed his release. Ewing moved to a less supervised care center, but his stay there was brief. Within a few days, he became paranoid, manic and couldn't sleep. When his treatment team suggested that he return to the Minnesota Security Hospital, he agreed.

One year later, Ewing was discharged again to the same care center. This time, he lasted almost a month before his mental health worsened and he was forced to return to the Minnesota Security Hospital.


In the months leading up to the stabbing, Ewing showed few symptoms of mental illness, according to records reviewed by licensing investigators. He appeared to be taking psychiatric medications and trying to rebuild his relationship with his mother.

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