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March 29, 2013

Update: Storage unit burglary “gut wrenching” for toy collector

MANKATO — Wally Boyer suspects the thief or thieves either had one big truck or made several trips to his storage unit with a smaller vehicle.

A single pickup truck couldn’t have hauled away all of the collectible toys he had acquired during the past 25 years. He estimates the hundreds of Marvel Comic, Star Wars, GI Joe and McFarlane action figurines were worth a minimum of $15,000.

Here is a link to pictures of items similar to Boyer's collection.

“You couldn’t have fit it all in one van,” Boyer said. “I would say it was at least four van loads. The other thing is where do you take it? You have to have someplace to take it all and that’s the thing.”

Mankato police have known about the burglary at Highway 22 South Mini-storage in the 1100 block of South Victory Drive since Boyer reported it on March 22. Officers kept the incident quiet because they were hoping to find the items for sale at eBay or on craigslist, or to get other leads from sources on the street. That hasn’t worked. So now they’re asking for the public’s help to find the stolen toys.

The person or people who broke into the storage unit were determined, said Sgt. Adam Gray. There haven’t been any reports of other units at the lot being burglarized recently. Boyer was at his unit about six weeks before the burglary was discovered.

“A lot of these people just have an inadequate lock,” Gray said. “In this one they cut the hinges off to gain access.

“It makes you wonder if this was something targeted — somebody knew it was there. But we can’t say that for sure, whether it was targeted or random.”

That doesn’t really matter to Boyer. He just wants the stolen items returned. They have both a financial and sentimental value for his family.

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