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March 20, 2014

Police: Rump shot likely self-inflicted

Man says he was shot, butt it's doubted


The man told Hoppe he had been visiting his mother and was walking to his car when he was shot. He said he never heard a gunshot and didn’t realize he had been hit until he felt a pinch. The incident had happened about 2 1/2 hours before he decided to go to the hospital, he reported.

Hoppe became more suspicious when the address the man had provided for his mother’s house didn’t exist and, when called, his mother told Hoppe she hadn’t seen her son that day. A gunshot residue test also showed the man had gun powder on his right hand. Hoppe also said he could smell gun powder on the man’s hand.

If the man had shot himself in the keister, he had reason to provide a different story to police. He’s not allowed to own or use firearms because he has felony drunken-driving conviction and domestic abuse violations.

The search warrant was requested to search the man’s phone because he had erased all but a couple of calls he had made or received that day. Part of the reason for the search is that the man wouldn’t tell Hoppe who had given him a ride to the hospital. When the search warrant was filed earlier this month, it said no information was found on the phone.

Bennet’s warrant request said he believes the man’s behavior “is inconsistent with that of an innocent person who was shot while walking down the street on Christmas Day.” He also said he believes the man is being evasive to avoid criminal charges.

The incident remains under investigation and has not been sent to the Blue Earth County Attorney’s Office with a request for charges.

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