The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 21, 2014

LSH looking at putting Wi-Fi on buses

By Amanda Dyslin

---- — LE SUEUR — Some students spend an hour commuting to and from school on the bus. Other students spend extra time on buses for activities.

And with so many students toting tablets, laptops and smartphones these days, the Le Sueur-Henderson Public School District has been seriously considering a proposal by 4.0 School Services, the bus company that handles the district's busing, to put Wi-Fi on school buses.

For $10 a month per bus, plus the cost of equipment, the company can making wireless Internet available to students. The district has 10 bus routes, as well as several activity buses.

“It's something we certainly have an interest in, and we want to do more investigating of it,” said Supt. Rich Hanson. “It would tie in very nicely with the tech activities we have been doing.”

Fourth- through eighth-graders in the district have been issued iPads, and most high school students have their own devices they are encouraged to bring and use in school, Hanson said.

“We've got students using devices from A to Z, a very wide variety of devices with different platforms,” Hanson said.

Enabling students to have access to the Internet during bus times will give them the opportunity to do homework. For example, if a student has to get on a bus for an activity right after school, they can use the commute time to finish up their assignments.

Hanson said the district is still looking into options and could possibly introduce Wi-Fi on a few buses initially with the goal of expanding to all buses later on.