The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 28, 2014

Elmore family faces rioting charges

Incident involved dispute with South Africans

By Josh Moniz

---- — BLUE EARTH — Three members of an Elmore family are facing multiple rioting charges over allegations that they attempted to fight a group people that were described as South Africans in the complaint.

Matthew Beck, 24, his brother Colby Beck, 20, and their father David Beck, 47, were each charged with felony second-degree rioting with a dangerous weapon and gross misdemeanor third-degree rioting. Matthew Beck was also charged with felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

According to the three criminal complaints, Matthew Beck and his girlfriend Amy Garvick were hanging with a group of South Africans at the Elmore American Legion last June. David Beck is scheduled for a jury trial on April 23. Matthew Beck and Colby Beck are still awaiting a scheduling of their jury trials.

When the building closed, Beck and Garvick were invited to the group's residence to cook food and continue socializing. Garvick rode to the house with one of the members of the group, which upset Beck.

At the residence, Beck allegedly accused Garvick of being sexually involved with several members of the group. Garvick told Beck that he was ridiculous and left on foot.

Brady Tesch, a friend of Beck, told police in a later interview that he found Beck outside shortly after the incident. He said Beck was being very disrespectful and shouting racial slurs at the group. He said Beck also accused them of hiding Garvick from him..

Werner Esterhuizen, a member of the group, later told police that he told Beck that his claims about Garvick's sexual activity were incorrect. He said he even helped Beck search the house to defuse the situation.

Beck alleged used increasingly abusive language despite a search of the entire property. Esterhuizen then told Beck to leave. Beck allegedly made a sudden aggressive move towards Esterhuizen, who responded with a blow that knocked Beck to the ground. Beck then reportedly left the property.

Beck told officer Andy Haken of the Elmore Police Department that the group had jumped him "for no reason" and that Garvick had helped them attack him. During a later interview with police, Garvick told Haken that Beck had stopped by her house just prior to his report with a bloody face. She said he accused her of causing his injury and that he would claim she helped the group attack him, according to the report.

A few hours later, Haken was called to the group's residence because Beck, his brother and his father had approached the property. Haken allegedly found the group in a line at the edge of their property, ready to repel any actions by the Beck family.

The complaints said Haken repeatedly told the Beck family to disperse, but they did not comply. A member of the group claimed Matthew Beck had a knife and had attempted to stab a person in the group. Haken found a silver knife in Mathew Beck's possession and arrested him. He had to repeatedly tell Beck's father to keep his distance.

The complaints also allege that the Beck family made several threats of violence and future terrorist acts against the group.

The family did not respond to attempts to contact them.