The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 24, 2012

Farm employee charged with filming women co-workers

By Dan Nienaber
The Free Press

ST PETER — Felony charges have been filed against a man whose face showed up on a video camera found hidden in a women's shower at a Nicollet County hog farm.

A woman brought the camera to her supervisor after she found it hidden in the facility's shower area on Sept. 19. She told him she looked at the camera and realized it had been recording for about 14 minutes before she realized it was there. Hog barn employees are often required to shower before and after work to reduce the chance of germs and diseases getting into or out of a barn.

The video was reviewed by a female owner of the hog farm. She called the Nicollet County Sheriff's Department after she watched two other videos where two female employees were recorded topless in the shower area. One of those employees was under the age of 18.

A male employee, 53-year-old William Craig Rolloff, also appeared in the recordings, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in Nicollet County District Court. The supervisor told sheriff's investigator Kip Olson he interviewed Rolloff after he admitted to putting the camera in the shower area. Rolloff allegedly told the supervisor he created videos of women in the shower three times, once several months before the camera was found, once about a month before and the day it was found.

Olson also watched the video after obtaining a search warrant. He reported finding four recordings with a total of three victims, the adult and the teen shown topless and the woman who found the camera.

The first video showed the first two victims getting dressed, then ends with a hand grabbing the camera and turning it toward Rolloff's face, the criminal complaint said. The second video showed the first two victims getting ready to shower and again allegedly ends with Rolloff's hand and face being shown. A third video shows a hand hiding the camera and a fourth video shows the woman who found the camera exiting the shower in a towel, according to the complaint.

Rolloff is facing two felony charges of interfering with the privacy of a minor for the videos showing the younger victim. Four gross misdemeanor charges of interfering with privacy were filed for the two adult victims. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance before District Court Judge Todd Westphal on Nov. 6.