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October 27, 2012

Ojanpa: Level threes -- by the numbers


Of 1,763 sex offenders examined over a five-year period, the 155 level threes had the lowest rates of re-arrest (5.2 percent), re-conviction (3.2 percent) and re-incarceration (2.6 percent) for a new sex offense.

n Preliminary data on 1,245 offenders assigned level three status since 1996 show that 41 sexually reoffended with 16 of those offenses involving victims who didn’t know the offender.

n Of the 155 level threes released from incarceration over the aforesaid five-year period, 69 percent were returned to prison for non-sex-related violations of the terms of their release. (Those violations can range from consumption of prohibited alcoholic beverages to failure to notify the state when an offender acquires a different vehicle.)

n Public notification meetings rarely result in the loss of a planned residence for the offender. More often, changes in an offender’s desired place of residence may occur in the time period leading up to, or just prior to, the actual meeting.

Even in a recent Mankato-area instance of a landlord, during a public meeting, yanking his rental offer to a level three offender, department officials say the decision to retract the offer likely had already been made, and the landlord chose the meeting setting to announce it.


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