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November 3, 2012

Marriage amendment draws parents, church-goers from opposite sides of issue




Cramblit looks at the attitudes of younger Americans and has no doubt that gay marriage will be legal and accepted someday. Tuesday’s vote is about whether older Minnesotans are going to deliver one more blow to gay residents of the state and leave younger Minnesotans with a more arduous task in reversing the amendment in the future.

“For the young people in their 20s and early 30s, it’s really not much of an issue to them — it’s like: ‘Well, of course they should be able to get married and be able to be recognized by society,’” Cramblit said. “... To me, it’s kind of my generation that’s stuck. And we need to get around it and recognize that this something we need to do to make it a better world for our kids and our grandchildren.”

Blaschko also talks about the next generation when he summarizes his decision to organized grass-roots support for the amendment. Guaranteeing that the traditional definition of marriage is maintained is crucial because it ensures that the central focus of marriage will continue to be the healthy development of children.

“I feel that it’s a building block of our society that we need to keep in place,” he said. “It’s too critical to play with, it’s too critical to experiment with. ... If marriage is redefined, it’s going to change society.”

Not every heterosexual marriage will produce children, but children are central to government’s role in certifying and recognizing a marriage, Blaschko said. Marriage ties a man to his wife in a legal way that increases the chance that any child produced will have both a father and a mother.

“What makes marriage is love and commitment and the ability to create children,” he said. “The government is entering into it because the ability to reproduce brings with it the responsibility to educate and protect that child. ... If this amendment doesn’t pass, marriage becomes about adults. It becomes about adult desires and wants.”

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