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November 3, 2012

Marriage amendment draws parents, church-goers from opposite sides of issue



History and biology

But allowing gay marriage would in no way undermine anyone’s heterosexual marriage, Cramblit said. Heterosexual marriage will continue unchanged regardless of whether the amendment passes. The point of the amendment is to make it harder for same-sex couples to ever acquire an equal right to marry.

 Cramblit suggests looking at attitudes a generation ago, when many states still prohibited white Americans from marrying someone of another race. Even in Minnesota, members of some Christian denominations were outraged by the idea of one of their members marrying a Catholic.

Raised as a Methodist in a small town, Cramblit said her own grandparents shared that attitude — to the point that they wouldn’t attend their daughter’s wedding.

“My aunt told me that my mom and dad were the only people in her family who went to her wedding because she was marrying a Catholic,” she said.

Mixed marriage is widely accepted now, and bans on marriage between races disappeared in the 1960s.

“And marriage has continued with its ups and downs in spite of those different things happening,” Cramblit said. “Gay marriage won’t hurt it any more than interracial marriage or interfaith marriage has changed marriage.”

Blaschko, despite his strong faith, doesn’t mention God or cite any Bible verses in a nearly hour-long interview. He said he’s trying to approach the debate through reason and logic.

Part of his conviction that marriage needs to be reserved for opposite-sex couples stems from basic biology.

“Every person has within them certain organ systems that are whole and complete,” he said. “The cardiovascular system is whole and complete. The muscle and skeletal system is whole and complete.”

“But the sexual reproduction system is not complete,” Blaschko said. “The sexual reproduction system needs another complementary person to become complete. To me it’s just written in our bodies.”

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