The Free Press, Mankato, MN

January 13, 2013

North Mankato native makes video to announce pregnancy

By Tim Krohn
Free Press Staff Writer

— When Nicole and Chris Meekins learned Nicole was pregnant with their first child, they considered the traditional announcements sent to friends and relatives, or maybe the picture of Nicole’s ultrasound sent out on a photo sharing app.

But all the alternatives had one thing in common. “They were boring,” Chris said.

So the couple wrote, produced and starred in a rap-song video they posted to YouTube announcing they were going to be parents, then sent the link to friends and family across the country.

“We had a blast making it. We were kind of surprised by how much people liked it,” said Nicole, who grew up in North Mankato as Nicole Savig, graduating from West High School in 1999.

The couple lives in Columbus, Ohio, where Nicole is a scientist at a pharmaceutical company and Chris is getting his doctorate in divinity.

(To find the video search for “cmeekins1” on YouTube and click on the “Birds and the Bees” video.)

They wrote the song during a driving trip to Florida, then put it to music using a MacBook and had a friend shoot the iPhone video of them at various places including inside a baby store.

“We decided to go in the store and shoot it and then apologize later, rather than ask if we could do it,” Chris said. Shots of the couple holding various baby items, including Chris looking quizzically at a breast pump, drew some attention.

“People were watching us and chuckling,” Nicole said. “A manager came over and asked us if she could help us. We just told her we were announcing our baby to our friends. She hovered around after that.”     

Here are a few lines from the rap song:

“Let me tell you a story ’bout the birds and the bees/  There’s just one thing I got to say/  You need to know we got a baby on the way/ Got a bun in the oven, got a few months to go...” 

The video isn’t quite a viral hit, with some 1,000 views, but is getting spread around more.

“After we did it, we figured a lot of people must have done the same thing, but we really didn’t find many on YouTube,” Nicole said. “So maybe it was a little different. Our friends really liked it more than we thought they would.”

Nicole has family in the area, including her mom Patty Savig Mertesdorf and stepfather Tom Mertesdorf. Her dad, Daniel Savig, died in 2004.