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June 24, 2014

Update: LaDue: "I think I'm really mentally ill." (video)

WASECA — John LaDue, the Waseca teen accused of plotting a school shooting, told police he'd experienced dark thoughts for years, according to a recent court filing.

He also allegedly videotaped himself testing improvements to his makeshift bombs and shared dark jokes about a school shooting on Facebook with other students. Two other Waseca juveniles also posted comments about school shootings, according to the search warrants in the case. They have been charged for helping LaDue detonate test explosives.

"I have good parents. I live in a good town. I think I'm really mentally ill. And no one has noticed. I've been trying to hide it," LaDue said.

He made a point of emphasizing to police that he had never been bullied.

LaDue, 17, is facing multiple attempted murder charges in Waseca County District Court for allegedly plotting to kill his family before attacking his high school with homemade bombs and firearms.

For a video of LaDue testing explosives, click here

The new details are part of an approximately 1,000-page court filing. According the transcripts of his police interviews, LaDue said he felt he had serious mental health issues. He said he felt homicidal thoughts started manifesting around ninth grade but had no plan at the time. Beyond his eventual plot, the transcript said he had planned to poison other students he had grown tired of with potassium cyanide in a drink. When police asked LaDue if there is anything he needs, he responded he wanted to see a psychiatrist.

The transcript said he critiqued the "lame" death totals of the Boston bombs and hoped to exceed them. The transcript also said he planned to use an SKS rifle and sawed-off shotgun in his attack to "make a point" that school shooting can occur without high-capacity weapons.

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