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June 30, 2013

Memories: Carp, cream puffs and ‘Mr. Cool’

Decades of memories


MANKATO — — Gary M. Lesley, ’77

“I only worked one Vikings summer camp. Each year, (Vikings player) Jim Marshall would push a cream puff into a food service worker’s face. He would come up the the worker and say it smelled funny and wanted the worker to smell it to confirm it. The year I worked the training camp food service I was the cream puff victim. I was stunned, and Mr. Marshall and everyone else was laughing.”

—Brenda Bly, Gage dorm food service manager 1976-78

“One night in 1970, as I looked out the window toward the girls’ wing, I noted a type of Morse code coming from a particular room. I started to see a sequence that repeated (lights on and off). I counted the repeating flashing lights and realized that the code was the telephone number of the girls in that room. Once we had decoded the flashing lights and the starting sequence we had their number and were able to call and meet up with them.”

—Gerald W. Poppe, ’75

“We had a kid who lived in Gage during the 1981-82 school year who had a classic Mustang with mag wheels. I don’t remember his name; we just called him “Cool” because he thought he was. Our floor had the big open community shower rooms and I had headed down to take a shower one afternoon. When I walked into the shower room there was Cool, with the tires off his Mustang, scrubbing them. I just showered and left. Did I mention that he thought he was cool?”

—Mark Gibson, ’83

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