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October 19, 2013

Murray: Florida bullying case cause for alarm


These kids are not alone. I’m fearful, in fact, that it’s becoming the norm. Humiliation is a common theme in entertainment these days. How many viral videos have we clicked on in the last year that, had the subject had a say in the matter, would have never seen the light of day? And what does it all add to our lives?

I know this is veering into sanctimonious territory, but my goodness, you guys, how many young lives have to be cut short, how many dead bodies need to be scraped off parking lots before we realize something’s wrong here? Are there always going to be suicides? Sadly, yes. But this is getting out of hand.

My fear is that this community, or any community, will wait to really deal with it until it loses one of its own. Is that what’s going to happen?

What are you doing to make sure it’s not your kid, either on the tower waiting to jump, or online pushing her off?

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