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October 20, 2013

Reporter Notebook: Libertarian Party seeks opening in 2014 elections

DeKruif, St. Peter mayoral candidate show at organizational meeting

MANKATO — The Libertarian Party of Minnesota is hoping to take advantage of the public opposition to increasingly partisan politics in Washington in Minnesota's 1st Congressional District race this year.

The 1st District chapter held an organizational meeting Wednesday in Mankato.

Olga Parson, the party's field development representative, said the party is about the “non-aggression principle” opposed to any force against a person or his/her property. The party seeks to maximize personal freedom while minimizing government interference or regulation.

The party platform also:

■ opposes proactive or "nation building" military intervention in other countries;

■ opposes nearly all forms of taxation, preferring funding through a voluntary or contractual basis:

■ opposes limitations on same-sex marriage and access to contraceptive procedures;

■ opposes welfare programs, preferring encouraging charitable organizations or the free market to address the issues;

■ opposes limiting gun rights;

■ supports legalizing "victimless crimes" as personal responsibility of the individual, a stand that includes legalizing drugs, prostitution and truancy;

■ seeks to eventually entirely separate business and government.

Parson said this broad platform has allowed the Libertarian Party to legitimately pull voters from both parties and is more specific than the Independence Party. She said the party draw a good portion of its followers from supporters of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, but it also draws from the LGBT community and from small business owners frustrated with the Republican Party.

The Wednesday event drew a few notable political figures, including former GOP Sen. Al DeKruif, St. Peter mayor candidate Joel Brinker, St. Peter City Council candidate Roger Parras and Minnesota House 24B Libertarian candidate Deb Salonek.

A poignant counterpoint of the party's challenges ahead occurred during a debate between Brinker, who wants to consider himself a Libertarian mayor if elected, and DeKruif, who was in office during the Republican control of the Minnesota Legislature in 2012.

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