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June 24, 2013

Poll: Abortion comments draw unnecessary attention

Texas lawmaker comments about fetus feeling draws mixed response

Looks like our poll respondents didn't require the services of a certain politician to let them know how they should feel about abortion.

Our question was: "A Texas lawmaker argues that, because male fetuses can pleasure themselves, they can also feel pain. Are you swayed by this anti-abortion reasoning?"

A plurality of respondents (44 percent, 63 votes) went with this answer: "I didn't need to be swayed. I'm already opposed to abortion."

Coming in second (35 percent, 51 lyrics) was this answer: "No. This is one more out-of-touch Republican who made a ridiculous comment that further embarrassed the party."

And 17 percent (25 votes) went with this: "Continued attention on these comments takes attention away from what should be an intelligent conversation about an emotional issue."

Oddly, just one comment at our Facebook page:

• Michael Killingsworth: "It seems that the word of God has been totally thrown out of the picture anyway!"

The Free Press online poll is not scientific. Visit to weigh in on our latest question: PETA wants the man who saved a disabled pig from certain slaughter to change the pig's name to something other than "Chris P. Bacon." Has PETA gone too far?


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