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July 14, 2013

Murray: I've had it with PETA


To that I say: hogwash. I also say: PETA, are you for real right now? There are actual animal abuse issues taking place. Go tend to them. This pig was SPARED. There ain't no fight here. Move on.

Exhibit B: Gunnar Boettcher and his hideous backyard bunny

If you haven't seen the video yet of Gunnar doing his best Steve Irwin impression while his brother Zander runs the camera, well then you're in the minority. This thing has gone viral. Gunnar's pretty funny, but the star might be “Frankenstein,” the bunny with a face full of papilloma virus tumors.

It's sad, and arguably hard to look at. But the Boettcher boys of Mankato did their best to have a little fun with a freak of nature. When the video hit the interwebs, however, a lot folks cried foul. Why? Instead of having fun with the situation — and mind you, they never came even remotely close to harming the rabbit — some viewers said the boys should have gotten it some help, that they should have trapped it and transported it to a vet.

To that I say the best response to them is what Gunnar himself said in the Free Press Thursday: “It's a great idea to try to help him and make him healthy again, but it's a little ridiculous to blame me for not helping the rabbit and taking him to the vet when it's a wild rabbit,” he said. “It's turning into a thing on animal rights. People are saying I'm mean for making it humorous, but it was just supposed to be something fun between me and my brother.”

Well said, young man.

Exhibit C: The awful death of an idiot's rottweiler

The video out of Hawthorne, Calif., was really, really hard for me to watch. But I have to say that, in this case — given the weird circumstances present — a dog needed to get shot.

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