The Free Press, Mankato, MN

July 18, 2013

Eagle Lake woman arrested in knifing incident

By Brian Ojanpa

---- — EAGLE LAKE — A 20-year-old Eagle Lake woman is accused of slashing a man with a knife after he allegedly harassed her and groped her in the shower.

Chol David Khat faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault in connection with the Tuesday incident on the 100 block of Leray Avenue.

According to the criminal complaint:

A police officer responding to an evening report of domestic assault at the residence found a male with a bloodied, cut elbow. Khat stated she had cut the man — they have a son together — because he wouldn't stop following her around the apartment, and when she went to take a shower, he followed her into the bathroom.

Khat told officers the man sexually fondled her in the shower, so she went to get a knife and then "accidentally" stabbed him.

The man told officers he had undressed and gotten into the shower with Khat but denied touching her. He stated Khat slashed at him numerous times with the knife, struck him in the face, kicked him in the groin, and beat him over the head with the shower rod he had pulled down in anger.

According to an investigating officer, the man also had scratches and red marks on his shoulder and neck and a lump the size of a golf ball behind his ear.

The man told officers Khat had been acting "funny and weird" ever since he arrived at the apartment that day to care for their son.