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March 22, 2013

Congress: How they voted: GOP budget, Democratic budget, White House tours



A yes vote backed the GOP budget.

Voting yes: John Kline, R-2, Erik Paulsen, R-3, Michele Bachmann, R-6 

Voting no:  Tim Walz, D-1, Betty McCollum, D-4, Keith Ellison, D-5, Collin Peterson, D-7, Rick Nolan, D-8

2014 DEMOCRATIC BUDGET: Voting 165 for and 253 against, the House on March 20 rejected a Democratic budget that differed from the Republican plan (H Con Res 25, above) by increasing spending on programs such as education, transportation and scientific research; continuing traditional fee-for-service Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and other safety-net programs as presently structured; levying $1.2 trillion in tax increases mainly on corporations and the wealthy and injecting $200 billion of stimulus into the economy to reduce unemployment.

This budget would gradually lower annual deficits but would take decades to reach balance.

Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., said the Democratic plan "focuses on economic growth and strengthening the middle class" while the GOP budget "imposes European-style austerity by more than doubling the size of the sequester on essential investments to help the economy grow."

Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said the Democrats' theme is "take more money from the economy; take more money from families; take more money from small businesses -- spend it in Washington and hope everything works out. It's not working out."

A yes vote backed the Democratic budget.

Voting yes: Walz, McCollum, Ellison, Nolan 

Voting no: Kline, Paulsen, Bachmann, Peterson

CONSERVATIVES' 2014 BUDGET: Voting 104 for and 132 against, members on March 20 defeated a budget authored by the Republican Study Committee, a caucus of the most conservative House members, that reached balance in four years by steps such as doubling non-defense cuts in the sequester, closing unspecified tax loopholes, opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling and requiring the Keystone pipeline between Canada and the Gulf Coast to be built.

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