The Free Press, Mankato, MN

July 13, 2013

Woman faces charges for bus stop assault

Victim said she chased him in a Nissan and smacked him with a bat

By Dan Nienaber

---- — MANKATO — Here is a guy who was probably happy the city bus arrived on time Wednesday morning.

The man, who is only identified as "J.B." in court records, told police a woman attempted to run him down with her car before attacking him with a baseball bat as he walked to his neighborhood bus stop. When the bus arrived, the driver reported he got out to help the man. By that point the victim had the bat, but the woman was still hitting him with her hands, the bus driver reported.

An officer dispatched to the stop near the intersection of South Black Eagle and Marwood drives interviewed the victim. He told the officer he was on his way to the stop when he saw Mary Kok, 44, driving toward him in her Nissan Murano. When she saw him, she sped toward him and chased him off the street, through a yard and up to the property line of the Hilltop Lane apartment complex, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday.

When he circled around to go back toward the bus stop, Kok backed on to Marwood Drive again and got out of her vehicle with a baseball bat. He said she hit him several times with the bat before he was able to get it away from her. Once he had the bat, Kok allegedly started throwing landscaping rocks at him and punching him with her fists.

That's about when the bus driver pulled up. He reported he saw the victim attempting to block Kok's blows, so he got out of the bus "to stop the fight before someone got hurt," the complaint said. It was apparently too late. The victim was sent to the hospital to be treated for injuries to his wrist and forearm.

Kok, who lives near the bus stop, told another officer she has had a history of problems with the victim. She said she was leaving her house when she saw the victim at the bus stop and he started walking toward her. She said she got out of her car with a baseball bat because she is afraid of him.

She also allegedly admitted to hitting with the bat after he continued to walk toward her. At that point the victim pushed her to the ground, Kok reported.

Kok is facing felony charges of second-degree assault and making terroristic threats for allegedly threatening to have her son kill the victim. She posted a bond for her release from jail Friday after appearing in court for the charges Thursday afternoon.