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July 27, 2013

Young fans will always scramble for autographs


Young Ben, also wearing an Adrian Peterson jersey, says the appeal of the autograph is obvious.

"To show my friends I have an autograph on a football," he says.

David Hasher might not have Bennett's secret, but he's got something else going for him. Standing by the fence with friends Nick and Dylan Willey, Hasher is fearless in his attempts to lure a Viking his way.

"Can I have a wrist band?" he says to a player wearing number 59, which could be Nathan Williams.

"I don't have any!" he replies.

"The ones right there on your arm!"

"Those are my personals."

Later, Hasher sees Vikings kicker Blair Walsh.

"Blair! Hey Blair! I need a high-five!"

Walsh ignores him.

Nick Willey says it's nice to have autographs from his heroes on his wall at home.

"You never know when you won't be able to see them again," he said.

As for their approach, they don't use politeness.

"We just yell at 'em," Nick says.

Adds his brother, Dylan, "Then they get annoyed and eventually they sign."

When a larger group of players approaches, the crowd lights up. And it's clear that Bennett's secret might have been leaked.

"Mr. Kalil!" shouts a woman.

"Mr. Simpson!" shouts a man.

"Mr. Ponder, can you sign for a couple of kids!" shouts another.

Looks like Bennett may need to come up with a new one.

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