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December 23, 2012

A sunk ride rises: Motorcycle lost to lake in 1956 resurfaces


Riedemann and Seemann sell carp to Miller, who makes a living trucking the live fish from Minnesota to Asian markets in New York City.

Miller is also a motorcycle buff — he owns eight — and coveted Allie’s bike not only for its vintage German pedigree but for the “found treasure” aspect of its story narrative.

Allie gave the motorcycle to Miller, who plans to clean it up and have a large placard made that chronicles its saga.

“I want to get the story out. It’ll go on display,” said Miller, who envisions exhibiting it at motorcycle dealerships, civic celebrations and elsewhere.

He said restoring it to running condition is out of the question, if not impossible. His mission is to clean it up as much as he can, then send Allie a photo of it, per the agreement the two men made.

Miller got a good start on that a few days ago. He took it to a do-it-yourself car wash and spent two hours pressure-washing it.

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