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April 23, 2013

Hit-and-run victim looking for witnesses



He called police April 11 and an officer, who hadn’t taken the initial report, was sent over to the residence. The car is owned by a woman, but she told the officer her boyfriend was driving the car the day Moutry was hit. However, she said her boyfriend works in Lake Crystal and doesn’t come home for lunch because he only has an hour break.

That officer asked Moutry if he could pick the driver out of a photo lineup. He said he could.

The case was returned to the original officer to follow up, but she didn’t do a photo lineup. She talked to the owner of the car, though.

This time the woman said her boyfriend had been texting her during his lunch break, according to that police report. She also said she had a debit card statement showing her boyfriend had made a purchase at a convenience store in Lake Crystal, the Collis C-Store, during his lunch break April 8.

Her boyfriend also told the officer he had been at the store during his break, adding that his supervisor was with him. When the officer talked to the supervisor, he said he and the man had only been at the store together for about five minutes.

There also was no damage on the front of the car that could be used to show it had hit someone on a bike, the officer reported. So she concluded  there was no proof the car hit Moutry and no proof the owner’s boyfriend was driving the car at the time of the crash.

She also concluded there was no “absolute proof” that the boyfriend was in Lake Crystal for his entire lunch hour and didn’t make a quick trip home. And the car could have been involved, even if there was no damage to prove it, she said.

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