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June 6, 2014

MURRAY: Shout-out: Thanks, folks, for the help

Every so often, the time comes to count a few blessings, thank a few lucky stars and send some shout-outs to people who, over the last few months, did me a solid.

So here we go.

The other day I was chillin' at Bradley's (what used to be known as Boomtown). I was basically alone at the bar when I noticed a flier for an upcoming hip-hop show.

I says to the bartender I says, "Look man, come down here." She got down and said "Whatchoo need?" And instead of asking for one bourbon, one scotch and one beer, I asked her about the upcoming hip hop show on this here flier.

She said "Don't ask me; here's the guy you want to talk to." It was a young man whose name appeared on the flier as one of the featured rappers: J-Mose. I began talking to him about his music. As it turned out, he played a few shows with a rapper I used to like named Eyedea (God rest his soul).

My brief talk with J-Mose, who works at Bradley's, ended with him hustling back to work, and me burying my head back in an article I'd been reading about Gordon Lightfoot, who, God as my witness, I thought was dead (turns out he's playing a gig in Rochester this month, and very much not dead).

Anyway, J-Mose eventually returned and dropped a CD on the bar next to me and walked away again. The CD, dubbed "Who the F&#! is J-Mose," was wrapped in plastic. Looked very professional.

"Is this, like, for me to keep?" I asked his friend. The friend nodded.

So here's a shout-out to you, J-Mose. I like your CD. Thanks.

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