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June 8, 2014

POLL: Readers split on roundabouts

Our latest online poll shows that our online readers are split on how they feel the Highway 22 roundabouts will turn out.

We asked: Few area road construction projects have raised as much ire as the proposed roundabouts on Highway 22. Now that they’re under construction, are you optimistic about the traffic improvements the city and state say will result?

“Yes” votes came in at 39.11 percent (79 votes), while “No” votes came in just behind that with 37.62 percent (76 votes). About 22 percent said “Not sure” while just 1 1/2 percent said “Don’t live in Mankato, doesn’t affect me.”

Comments at our polling site included:

n “Hope it works.”

n “We need to invest in a transportation system of jet packs.”

n “They will cause more accidents than semaphores did. The learning curve is very steep!”

n “I have driven all over the U.S. and roundabouts work very well if properly designed. These are a joke. They are dangerous, confusing and very poorly designed.”

n “It’s going to be a mess. They work on low traffic areas, these are high traffic areas.”

n “I think they are going to be a menace, and they are going to be a problem!”

n “News media too often report the ‘ire’ rather than a balanced approach to finding out what kind of support is out there for this project. It’s really too bad that businesses and customers have to be disadvantaged by this improvement, but it seems MnDOT is trying every way possible to expedite the construction process.”

n “I’d much rather have a roundabout than sit at a red light.”

The Free Press online poll is not scientific. Visit to participate in our online polls.

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