The Free Press, Mankato, MN

April 6, 2013

Temperatures tease, but wind still whips: It's spring-ish

Minnesotans desperate to get outside adapt

By Pat Christman
The Free Press

— Minnesota needs a fifth season. We’ll call it “spring-ish.” It’s that time of year when temperatures tease into the 50s and the sun feels warm, but the wind still carries winter’s bite, the ball diamonds are still as soggy as marshland and local track athletes are struggling to keep warm during the first meets of the year.

Minnesotans desperate to get outside adapt to spring-ish, though. Track meets move indoors, softball teams play on artificial turf while their fields dry and baseball fans bundle up to take in the first games of the year.

Even the athletes know that enduring spring-ish’s fickle weather will be worth it as it gives way to a true spring, and eventually summer.