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July 10, 2013

Frankenstein rabbit becomes Internet sensation

Gunnar Boettcher's filming of a horned rabbit has drawn thousands of viewers, critics

Gunnar Boettcher was working with his dad out in the garage when he first spotted Frankenstein. That's what he wound up calling it. “Frankenstein.” And it's hard to argue with the guy's choice of names. One look at a rabbit with what looks like a series of horns growing out of all parts of his head – like something you'd see in a low-budget horror flick — and you'd be hard-pressed to give it anything other than a name that conjures the grotesque.

But there the Gustavus Adolphus College student was, working with his dad in his dad's garage shop, when he poked his head out and saw Frankenstein.

This wasn't the first time Boettcher or the rest of the family had seen the befouled bunny.

“We've seen it before around the house but we've never been able to get a close look,” Boettcher said. “But we went over to him that day and he didn't run away like he normally does.”

That's when Boettcher decided he and his brother, Zander, needed to capture the moment.

Zander ran and grabbed a video camera. And when the camera rolled, Gunnar decided to have a little fun with it.

“We started filming just for us, just to be funny,” he said. “Then we decided to put it on Facebook and it got a lot of views.”

It's fair to say that, in addition to getting attention for the fact that it featured a 12-horned rabbit, just as many people were entertained by Boettcher himself. Instead of the voice of the Midwestern football player that he is, you hear an Australian accent that might remind you of a certain Animal Planet crocodile hunter, guiding you through what seems like a spotting of a rare, possibly dangerous specimen in the wild.

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