The Free Press, Mankato, MN

August 24, 2013

Le Sueur shows off its Pioneer Power

Annual show and swap meet in its 40th year

By Pat Christman

---- — For 40 years the Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Association's annual show and swap meet has shown visitors how far farming technology has come. The show helps to show people young and old that it takes hard work to get an ear of corn from a seed to our plate.

It used to be much harder than it is today. Today, large combines and huge tractors replace the seemingly small John Deere tractors cruising the show grounds. Power take offs have replace belt drives. Hills full of Farmall tractors of all shapes and sizes show visitors what was considered cutting edge technology 50 to 75 years ago.

There are young people, however, who realize corn doesn't come from the grocery store. There's a farmer's hard work behind every ear. Some of those young people walked the Pioneer Power Show grounds Saturday, learning about the technology that makes farming easier.